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About Ideal Family Care

Ideal Wellness NW is a family-friendly medical practice that specializes in Personal Medical Care, Sports Medicine, and the Ideal Wellness Proteins Weight Loss Method. We strive to provide compassionate, educational and professional medical care to our patients. Our team creates a safe, supportive and comfortable atmosphere. Robert R. Nooney, DO, PLLC, the certified and supervising physician for Ideal Wellness NW, has provided exceptional care for his patients for over 20 years in the Olympia, Washington area.

Dr. Nooney, along with his partner, Pam Leno, brought the Ideal Wellness Protein Method to his medical practice primarily for weight loss. The results of this program were astounding. Dr. Nooney found that the proper use of this method could actually result in people being relieved of certain medications. The Ideal Wellness Protein system unravels metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance one fat pound at a time. This method has been proven to reverse type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and some cholesterol, among many other metabolic diseases.

Dr. Nooney, staff, and patients continue to be impressed with the clinical outcomes that have resulted from the implementation of the Ideal Wellness Protein program. Ideal Wellness NW is dedicated to your success in weight loss and to your Ideal Wellness!

Our Staff

Robert R. Nooney, DO, PLLC

Directing Clinic Physician

Robert R. Nooney, DO, PLLC is a certified Family Practice Physician and is fellowship trained in Sports Medicine. He has been practicing medicine in Olympia, WA since 1993. As a family physician, Dr. Nooney practices regular and preventative medical care. He understands and appreciates the connection of holistic medicine and practical medicine to create the most favorable health and healing plan for his patients.

His passion is to “help my patients to feel better and heal through preventative care and education—to educate them on how to help themselves to better health.” His most current and investigative interest in visceral fat weight loss has allowed him to practice medicine in a generally unheard of, reverse fashion.

“I have had the unique experience of taking medications off of my patients instead of adding more on. This is new and exciting to traditional medicine. It provides us the opportunity to help people heal from the inside out and have a second chance at a more healthy life.”- Robert R. Nooney, DO, PLLC

Pam Leno

Ideal Wellness Clinic Director

Pam has 30+ years in the fitness industry instructing, training and coaching. She carries several degrees and certifications in different areas of coaching with a focus on physical, mental and personal development. She dedicated 18 years at the Washington Athletic Club (WAC) in Seattle creating and implementing the Group Fitness Program. This included many non-traditional improvements that inspired and encouraged member participation. Pam managed and developed coaches and instructors.

Creating and teaching Indoor Virtual Cycling Classes, Self Development Workshops and Triathlon Training courses helped the WAC be the #1 City Athletic Club in America overall. Her focus is to educate people in the science of the body-mind connection to help people create the life they ultimately want to live. Pam realized a need to apply these skills toward the health benefits of reducing body fat, reducing medications, changing lifestyles, reestablishing health and self-esteem and creating a healthier lifestyle. Her years in coaching make her a natural for helping our patients find health.

Pam came to Olympia in Aug of 2012 to bring the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method to Capital Family Care & Ideal Wellness. Pam believes your food can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. We can all improve our health and benefit from creating Ideal Wellness in our lives. It is a gift that is our choice to receive.

Jacque Little

Registered Dietitian

Chef Jacqui Little is a Registered Dietitian who specializes in low carbohydrate lifestyles. She received her Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Science. She also has an Associate of Science degree in Culinary of Arts from the Art Institute of California in Los Angeles.

Jacqui is new to Olympia, Washington and joined the Ideal Protein team in December of 2014. She is originally from Los Angeles, California but spent the last 7 years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she worked for a grocery store retailer as the Nutrition Specialist and Lead Recipe Developer.

She is passionate about nutrition, low-carb cooking and yoga. Having had a weight problem through her childhood and adolescence, she cares deeply about helping others reach their weight loss goals. Jacqui has lost 40 pounds and has finally been able to truly manage her weight living a low carbohydrate lifestyle.

Margaret M Hennessey, FNP

Family Care & Women's Health